Friday, February 15, 2008

Dont Call It A come Back

Sorry for the lack of post, we've been keeping Busy here at the camp so stay tuned for upcoming mixes and other fun stuff.
-m. deuce

Friday, December 21, 2007

the trip

dade in ga. not the first

the surrounding area. i love shit like this

the pink elephant

papa joes got that work!!!

where it goes down in sav, ga

the back room. pillow blanket... how it goes

d-friz holding it down, did i already say that?

motherfucking dance floe

its 2:45 do you know hwere your children are?
getting kicked out , bars close at 3.?????

this place had been running for 35 yrs. discount records and tapes. saw some dope shit up in there. every year i went i grabbed a whole lot of vinyl. there where pics of people in their younger days, will smiht, run dmc etc etc. sucks this place closes end of this year.

yo son this is a house party

in the end, thats all there is to do.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

what is up with the lag?

seriously tho mike... no new posts in a few months. shit needs to get popping. so im bored out of my mind... what do i do? i post and ramble about everything thats going through my mind. first things first basel. shit was fucking nuts. met some dope people worked my ass off made some cash (no matt) saw justice at shoreclub... which was awesome X. white room parties nomo..jakes bday, deuce crew spun at the performing art center... for some crazy freestyle jam
what?!?!? im pretty much speechless at this point. so i decided to leave and embark on a trip to savannah GA. hopefully that will be insane and full of death and happiness....
anyhow without further adu? sp? some pictures...

fuck the world dont ask me for shit

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jake Jefferson (omd)

so i ran into this guy jake at Publix, he was looking for some colard greens. we got into a conversation about music and life and shit so i decided to make him the first interviewy for the blog. he just seemed so peachy i couldnt resist.
so this here is Jake Jefferson, not jake from the jeffersons
or jake from hialeah. Its jake jefferson (who has a better sounding name than mine)

Camp Deuce: so jake for thos who dont know, how long have u been doing what you're doing?
meaning the whole party thing?
Jake Jefferson: too long but not long enough

CD:i hear from people in the cereal isle that u are also into the whole music thing, how did that come about?
JJ:starting making hip hop beats around 2000 with my boy dj tosh.

CD:whats up with this chile situation?
JJ:what situation?

CD:how do you see the south florida scene? you've been around (the block) how does it compare to whats going on everywhere else?
JJ:"its about to blow!!!" just keep saying that every year so when it does you can be like "i tol you so"

CD:hows it feel to be the only guy in the world to own a leprechaun flute?
JJ:I also got a skin flute...
do you like it? the ladies do...

CD:you own records and i know you go digging( sorry for putting you out there)
why dont you dj?
JJ:im working on it

CD:what do you like/ not like about miami djs. do you see a difference in cd djs laptop djs serato djs and vinyl djs?
JJ:its kinda strange to me when kids have their first DJ experience ever with they never dj'd with out a laptop, so they look at the screen the whole time like its a tv...

CD:how do you feel about the whole blog music thing?
JJ:its ok...nice way to get the sametime I hate going out and hearing 89 blog remixes in a row from people I've never heard of...

CD:rum or vodka?

CD:paper or plastic?

CD:tacobell or wendys?

CD:when was the last time u cried/ shed a tear?

CD:pepsi/ coke/ or fanta?
JJ:i quit soda

CD:to be or not to be?
JJ:to be!!!

CD:club rap or 90s hiphop?
JJ:90's hiphop...unless im in the club

CD:for the ladiesout there. what are some of your hobbies and past times, and who are some of your afavorite artists, djs, movies, and shit like that. u know
aside from us?
JJ:I like hanging and bangin....and not having a day job...

CD:any last words, shout outs to your homies? or anything youd like to get off your chest (aslong asits not about me) go for it.
JJ:shout out to DJ Contra, Xavier, Induce, Juan, the whole Stunna Crew and the One More DayOne More Day Posse.....

interviewed by ds

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited


black kids need a desk too...


Laser Eyes Bitch!!!

come out and party with me and my laser eyes this weekend.
ill be spinning at circa 28 saturday and purdy lounge on sunday
dropping some special b-day sets and gettin crunk ohhhhhh!